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Okay a few things:

1) I need to stop watching this at work.
2) Randy is my new favorite character
3) the hell is the attraction of the walrus pit?

Otherwise, titties.

That is all.

It's definitely, something. I admit, not my favorite video. The animation was okay, if you keep working at it I'm sure it would improve greatly. I thought making Micky say "blah blah blah" and Juliet's dirty lil joke about giving head was fairly accurate but otherwise, sorry man gotta give it a low score.

It was how sad she sounded when Lemmy helped with the prank that did it for me. Not sexually, that'd be just creepy. Creepier than clop creepy. Mayber not that far, but somewhere around there. I think this was a wonderful idea and Zone-tan is an adorabley evil character that makes me smile with glee. I do wonder, where is Zone-tan's favorite spot to watch me fap in? Should I give a better performance or is the rubber ducky good enough? Any suggestions?

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I thought it was a sweet, interesting game. I liked that it was interactive and how some of the pieces of eternity were harder to find than others. The ones between the buildings in the Metropolis stage were very interesting. A place considered a failure (not being able to make the gap) hides interesting surprises that in turn are not failures at all. Almost encouraging the player to make mistakes.

The animation was also cute as well. I loved the model used for the player's character. If you were improve on this in some way, I would encourage making the story more interactive and why getting the pieces of eternity would be a good choice to grab.

Otherwise, I give it a 3.5 out of 5

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krangGAMES responds:

Thanks for playing+reviewing, I like your description of that piece of eternity's location. That's right, it's supposed to make the world feel slightly bigger and more all-encompassing - even in locations that are traditionally considered "bad", there are secrets and good things to be found.

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